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What will the King of the Hill help you achieve?(with proper pitching mechanics)

  • Help develop an awareness of their your LOWER HALF off the mound
  • Gradually increase the leg drive toward home plate
  • Better separation between upper & lower body
  • In turn creates more elastic energy that is transferred through the core
  • This improves upper body’s ability to accelerate and rotate
  • While creating faster arm speed and higher velocity at the release
  • The initial boost of energy from the legs will relieve the arm of having to produce as much velocity
  • In turn will reduce stress on the pitching arm
  • Provides immediate feedback with an audible noise(BANG)
  • The BANG tells the player they are using/creating GROUND FORCE
  • King of the Hill gives you the ability to gradually increase your leg drive by increasing the resistance of the of the Trainer


  • “Pitching is all about creating energy from the ground and transferring it up the body and through the baseball.”

    “The King of the Hill is the best product on the market for developing the beginning and most important part of this process by helping pitchers feel and hear the creation of energy through ground force.”

    “Simply put:  If you think your pitcher needs to “use his legs more” then the King of the Hill is the product for you!”

    “Providing instant feedback, pitchers can now learn and hone their skill faster than ever before.  I am 100% behind the King of the Hill!”

    “Plain and simple, if you’re a serious pitcher, you must “Train with the King”

    -John Madden,

    John Madden
  • “Rich Dunno is my favorite type of pitching coach. He is constantly in search of a better way of creating feel images for his clients. When Rich asked me to look at his newest device I immediately agreed. The concept of utilizing lateral force and recruiting the gluteus medius is critically important to both velocity creation and arm health and durability. I applaud Rich for his constant innovation and his recent attempts to actually have athletes ‘feel’ what it means to efficiently load and unload their lower half.

    Well done Rich! Keep up the great work”.

    Ron Wolfroth
    Texas Baseball Ranch
  • “The king of the Hill Trainer is a true enhancer of the pitching delivery.  It not only gives your pitchers a feel for the backside involvement…. It gives auditory stimulation that allows for the pitcher to hear and feel the use as well.  In addition, it does not allow the pitcher to cheat as it makes you fully engage into the backside to create your own force.  The King of the Hill will be something that is in our program for years to come” – Coach Anthony Decicco.

    Anthony Decicco – Army Pitching Coach
  • “It is a fact that leg drive is a result of increased intent and contributes to elevating velocity.  There is not better assistance for awareness than the King of the Hill Leg Drive Trainer.  It is a better coach than I could ever be!”

    “By the auditory feedback of the click it sends the message of a perfect rep. The gauge monitors the current level, gives challenge to increase in ability, bringing about the awareness of improvement.”

    “What more could one ask to improving their ballplayers?  The King of the Hill Leg Drive Trainer should be in every facility in the country.  If you work with pitchers (baseball or softball) and your goal is to help them to the next level… Why don’t you have one?!?”

    – Coach Fred Corral – University of Georgia

    Coach Fred Corral – University of Georgia
  • “The King of the Hill Trainer helps train the pitcher on how to engage the lower half… We now have 7 trainers in the Cubs organization!” – Derek Johnson

    Derek Johnson ~ Cubs
  • “Generating force from the ground up is the most important thing to pitching.. and the King of the Hill does just that!”


    “The King of the Hill trainer not only teaches pitchers to generate force.. But teaches it the correct way!”


    “”We use it everyday… Our pitchers actually fight over who gets to use it!”

    -Jeff Opalewski

    Jeff Opalewski – Pitching Coach Central Michigan
  • I have never been a big fan of pitching training devices because I did not believe that one device could solve everyone’s problems but with the King of the Hill I was proven wrong. I was wrong because studies show (1,2,3,4) that the lower half is where most of the energy in all pitching deliveries is created. All the additional movements are unique to the pitchers body type and size which makes the King of the Hill perfect for everyone.

    Have you ever heard a coach tell you that you don’t use your lower half? Well, know you have the tool that will teach you how to do this! The King of the Hill is the best training device for the lower half you can buy because it forces the pitcher to generate peak ground reaction forces closer to front foot strike which studies show (1,2,3,4) are the same mechanics of a high velocity pitcher. It is up to the pitcher from there to learn how to convert this elite lower half power up their body into the ball speed.

     The King of the Hill has its competitors but all its competitors fall short because they do not always force the pitcher to create the lower half high velocity movements effectively. For example, these competitors devices can help the pitcher move the drive leg force vector, ankle to knee, more linear during the stride but it doesn’t promote high velocity force production from the drive leg like the King of the Hill. These competing devices also do not promote torsion in the drive leg during the stride either which is the ability to stabilize the drive leg as the force vector moves more linear through the stride. The loss of stability can cause a collapsing drive leg which is devastating to pitching velocity and arm health.

    Just like with anything that really works well, it takes a good understanding of what to expect will improve when using it, if you are going to get the most out of it. This is why I love the King of the Hill because it works perfectly into the 3X Pitching Velocity Program which will teach you exactly what the high velocity pitcher is doing mechanically and gives you a years worth of training programs to help you implement it into your pitching delivery. With the King of the Hill and the 3X Pitching Velocity Program you have the best approach on the planet to develop not only effective lower half mechanics but you are guaranteed to add 5-10mph or more in pitching velocity to your game. If I was you, I wouldn’t hesitate on this opportunity to take your game to its true potential.

    Brent Pourciau
    Top Velocity – USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
  • “The King of the Hill Trainer will bring awareness to the importance of the lower half’s initiation of a “Powerful and Efficient Delivery.”

    “I recommend the King of the Hill to all pitchers!”

    -Doug Botchler – San Diego Padres Bullpen Coach

    Doug Bochler – San Diego Padres Bullpen Coach

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