King of the Hill

King of the Swing

Queen of the Hill

It’s as simple as this…..EXCEPTIONAL GROUND FORCE IS WHAT IT TAKES TO BECOME AN ELITE ATHLETE. There are no shortcuts!

Historically, coaches have been trying to get the players to create this “Ground Force” thru “Verbal Cues”  that never worked and “Drills” that were never close enough to the actual action of hitting and pitching to be effective.  Also… can’t verbally coach feel. And if the athlete cannot feel what they are trying to accomplish they will never be able to duplicate the desired action…….PERIOD!

This is where the strength of the “GROUND FORCE SPORTS TRAINERS” EXPLODES!

Not only will they create an “AUDIBLE REWARD” when the athlete creates GROUND FORCE correctly but the trainers will train the athlete to “FEEL” how to properly create this elite force!

Now increase the spring compression force by a turn of the wrench and the athlete has to create more force which trains them to play the game with “ELITE GROUND FORCE”

Hitters will gain POWER and pitchers will not only throw with more VELOCITY but with LESS ARM STRESS!

MLB and college programs are eating these trainers up!

  • “After using the King of the Hill trainer my student was getting his whole body into it, and his arm was following suit! Now it’s just a matter of doing those drills on his own, grooving that new movement pattern, and he’s off to the races. Doesn’t matter how many times I see it, it always amazes me how when a young pitcher learns to use his legs and lower half, everything else falls into place.  Thanks to the King of the Hill Leg Driver Trainer!!

    Phil Rosengren,
  • “The King of the Hill Trainer gives us a way to train lateral forces with real and instant feedback.  The concept makes complete sense an d my hats off to you for your ingenuity. As a pitcher, I found the King of the Hill challenging at first, but was very helpful.  As a coach, I was able to put an audio variable to help train efficiency in the lower half and I’ve seen direct correlation to increased velocities with arms bouncing back better after pitching/training.”

    Jon Huizinga – Milwaukee Brewers
  • “Pitching is all about creating energy from the ground and transferring it up the body and through the baseball. The King of the Hill is the best product on the market for developing the beginning and most important part of this process by helping pitchers feel and hear the creation of energy through ground force. Simply put:  If you think your pitcher needs to “use his legs more” then the King of the Hill is the product for you! Providing instant feedback, pitchers can now learn and hone their skill faster than ever before.  I am 100% behind the King of the Hill! Plain and simple, if you’re a serious pitcher, you must “Train with the King.”

    John Madden,
  • “The King of the Hill Leg Driver Trainer” made a difficult task of teaching leg drive a simple one… Even after one lesson with the product, I’ve seen an increased awareness of lower half in my players as well as an instant improvement in extension during their drive from the rubber. When it comes to teaching leg drive, there is no better product on the market!”

    Zach Dials
  • “The King of the Hill Trainer is a good toll to help you generate energy off the backside and feel the drive and explosion off the rubber. When done correctly, this should help take stress off the arm and generate more arm speed for increased velocity. We liked it enough, we just ordered another one!”

    Ruben Niebla – Pitching Coordinator Cleveland Indians
  • “The King of the Hill by far is the best investment for my pitchers.  The instant feed back I get from it is like no other product out there.  KOTH helps my pitchers “feel” how to engage the back side where you can maintain the lower half drive to be explosive.. I have used my KOTH on my pitchers from ages 8 years old to the college level and I highly recommend for any pitchers of any age.  My pitchers love it!”

    Luis Villarreal
  • “It is a fact that leg drive is a result of increased intent and contributes to elevating velocity.  There is not better assistance for awareness than the King of the Hill Leg Drive Trainer.  It is a better coach than I could ever be! By the auditory feedback of the click it sends the message of a perfect rep. The gauge monitors the current level, gives challenge to increase in ability, bringing about the awareness of improvement. What more could one ask to improving their ballplayers?  The King of the Hill Leg Drive Trainer should be in every facility in the country.  If you work with pitchers (baseball or softball) and your goal is to help them to the next level… Why don’t you have one?!?”

    Coach Fred Corral – University of Georgia
  • “The King of the Hill Trainer will bring awareness to the importance of the lower half’s initiation of a Powerful and Efficient Delivery. I recommend the King of the Hill to all pitchers!”

    Doug Bochtler – San Diego Padres Bullpen Coach
  • “Generating force from the ground up is the most important thing to pitching.. and the King of the Hill does just that! The King of the Hill trainer not only teaches pitchers to generate force.. But teaches it the correct way! We use it everyday… Our pitchers actually fight over who gets to use it!”

    Jeff Opalewski – Pitching Coach Central Michigan
  • “The King of the Hill” is the first trainer I have ever used that teaches me how to truly drive with my back leg!! What makes the King of the Hill so unique is it gives me a physical and auditory clue of if I drive my back leg and when I drive my back leg. I use the King of the Hill every single day of my off season training. When used in conjunction with the Top Velocity 3x Training Program I saw a direct increase in my velocity from the previous season”

    David Aardsma – 9 Year MLB Pitcher
  • “The king of the Hill Trainer is a true enhancer of the pitching delivery.  It not only gives your pitchers a feel for the backside involvement…. It gives auditory stimulation that allows for the pitcher to hear and feel the use as well.  In addition, it does not allow the pitcher to cheat as it makes you fully engage into the backside to create your own force.  The King of the Hill will be something that is in our program for years to come.”

    Anthony Decicco – Army Pitching Coach
  • “The King of the Hill Leg Drive Trainer is a great tool to create awareness in the feet as to when to initiate back leg drive.  It provides immediate auditory and sensory feedback to the pitcher which helps create awareness to the timing.  I highly recommend this trainer to any pitcher try to maximize their power and movement efficiency down the slop!”

    Scott Brown ~ Vanderbilt
  • “The King of the Hill Trainer helps train the pitcher on how to engage the lower half… We now have 7 trainers in the Cubs organization!”

    Derek Johnson ~ Cubs
  • “As the pitching coordinator for the Tampa Rays I’m always searching for ways to improve our pitchers throwing motions and after being introduced to a new training device by Rich Dunno, I was intrigued by the theory.We liked it so much we developed another station in our Spring Training drills just for the “King of the Hill Leg Drive Trainer.” I’m pleased by the way it helped increase our pitchers lower half power by increased “Leg Drive” that the “King of the Hill Trainer produced. I would recommend the “King of the Hill Trainer” to all pitchers that want to developed more power in their lower half…. This is where pitching starts”.

    Dewey Robinson
    Tampa Rays
  • “Rich Dunno is my favorite type of pitching coach. He is constantly in search of a better way of creating feel images for his clients. When Rich asked me to look at his newest device I immediately agreed. The concept of utilizing lateral force and recruiting the gluteus medius is critically important to both velocity creation and arm health and durability. I applaud Rich for his constant innovation and his recent attempts to actually have athletes ‘feel’ what it means to efficiently load and unload their lower half. Well done Rich! Keep up the great work”.

    Ron Wolfroth
    Texas Baseball Ranch
  • “I have been doing pitching lessons for over 12 years and have seen nothing like this product. I believe teaching the bottom half to work is the toughest thing to teach, but with this product you can hear and feel exactly what your bottom half is doing. It is the only immediate feedback tool I have seen that my students actually can not only hear when they do it correctly but feel when the are driving with their back leg! I use video with my students, but with video you can not feel it only see it. I wish this was around when I was playing to see if I could have thrown harder”.

    James Richardson
    RHP Austin Peay State U. / Seattle Mariners